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Welcome and rejoice for the world now has Steph! (ok its had her for awhile but thats not the point)

All hail the great and salty sorry I mean sultry Steph, goddess of ice-skating, Latin conjugations of words not to be named and of chocolate cake. Be welcome and marry.
For those of you who have failed to realize what the point of the community if for it is for the worshiping of Steph. Who is Steph you might asked? Why, she is a girl. But not just any girl oh no! But a girl who has her own fan club and religion. This religion has absolutely no rules except the one that you accept that Steph is great and worthy of your devotion, worthy enough to be made a goddess! Come and join us! Find that which is missing in your life!
Go forth with love of Zhenya in your hearts and the grace of ice-skaters in your feet and spread the word that Steph has come!
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